Sardinia is a huge island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea between the Balearic Islands and the Italian peninsula. It is located in the south of Corsica and is one of the most prominent tourist destinations of the nation of Italy.

The city is called beautiful for its Mediterranean outlook and is preferred for a lot of recreational activities like camping, climbing, hiking, windsurfing, boating, and swimming. Although the inner part of the island may not have the sandy beach appeal but it does attract the attention of visitors for its other geographical attractions. The following is an attempt at compiling some of the city’s main attractions.

Alghero Resort

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Alghero is a resort situated near the sea around the North West coast. It has some mysteries history hidden behind the cathedral and the 16th century Spanish ramparts. Near Alghoro, there is the bay of Porto Conte, which is a great fishing site.

The Roman Remains

Roman Nora and Punic are Sardinia’s number one classical site. If you plan to visit there, you will be greeted by houses, theatres, and a temple. Plus there is a water side place. Most of the valuable finds from Nora have been places in the Museo Archeologico. Nora also happens to be the oldest city of the country and holds one of the first scribes in history when the country’s name has been inscribed too.

The Great Hotel Resort Castello

The Cagliari’s most iconic scenery is offered by the Castello. It’s a hilltop citadel and is decorated with domes, palazzo, and towers. At one time in history, it was used as the residence of the country’s aristocracy. The structure literally rises above the ramparts built by the Arogonese and Pisans. The city is a must-see destination in itself and never fails to attract tourists every year.

Poltu Quatu

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Poltu Quatu is also known as the hidden port. The place is located along the road that travels from Porto Cervo to Baja Sardinia. It appears as if it is not inhabited by any living being, but in reality it actually serves as home to an amazing marinara. Even though its name denotes that it is ‘hidden’, it is always brimming with people. This is due to its scenic appeal. In summer, the place is lively especially at night. The various nightclubs attract tons of people on a holiday or off for the summer. The place is more known for its luxury resorts.

The Caves

Capo Caccia is adorned with Marine caves in the cliffs. The most awe inspiring one being the Grotta Di Nettuno. The Zuddas caves, however, are a sight that will take your breath away. These caves are ancient; experts say they were formed 600 million years ago and currently extend to about 500 meters. If you travel along their tunnels you can witness their spectacle yourself as you go along each curve and nook.